Travel guide: preparing to travel

I don’t know about you guys but I LOVE to travel.  It had always been a dream of mine to see the far reaches of the world and it wasn’t until the last couple of years that I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to see places I’ve only dreamed about.  Since dating my darling Dave we’ve covered more miles and countries than most will get to experience in 20+ years of marriage!  With that being said we are gearing up for 2 weeks together in the U.S., a week in San Francisco (where we first met and fell in love) and a week in NY/NJ doing work for an America’s Cup regatta.  After our two weeks of travel together I will be heading to Florida on my own to spend some quality time with my family and a few good friends.  This is the longest chunk of time I have spent away from my home, routine, and gym-life since I started my fitness journey, which makes it the most important stint of travel yet!  I really wanted to dedicate part of this blog to the joys of traveling while remaining focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and this is the perfect opportunity for me to implement some of my strategies and track my progress.

One of the first steps in preparing to travel anywhere is finding lodging.  I always try to find a hotel that has a gym, if we are staying in a hotel.  Some hotels also offer classes like yoga, pilates and fitness.  One hotel that we stayed at last summer, during our travels to see my family, that made staying on track a breeze was the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida.  Their fitness facilities were on par if not better than what my normal gym has to offer!  There were several weight rooms, as well as a room where they held yoga/pilates class.  It was also fully stocked with medicine balls, kettle bells, free weights, yoga mats, etc.  The best thing about their fitness centre was that it was open 24hrs, so if you’re an early riser like I am it was no problem getting into the gym!  When considering your lodging you also want to consider your meals, whether you’ll be making them at “home” or out and about.  I try to make sure the hotels we stay in are centrally located and I do a search of the restaurants nearby as well as grocers.  Another option to staying in a hotel is renting an Airbnb.  This is a great way to get the at home feel and you can also prepare your own healthy meals at home depending on the kitchen space/tools that are available to you.  While I like the idea of an Airbnb, I have yet to experience it.  The one reservation I had booked for our upcoming travels was canceled 10 days prior…but that is a whole other story!

When it comes to packing always save space for at least one workout outfit, this includes a sports bra (for the ladies), a top, pants/shorts, socks, shoes and travel laundry soap.  If you’re planning on doing a bit of walking depending on where you are travelling to, you should already have comfortable walking/running shoes in your luggage.  The rest of the items don’t take up very much space otherwise.  I only suggest one of each item because some people might rather save space for more stylish outfits but I tend to pack 3 or 4 of each because I try to get moving 6 days a week.  Keeping that in mind, another perk of staying in an Airbnb could be if they have a washer/dryer available for your use.  Otherwise with your fitness gear might I suggest keeping a small tube/bottle of travel laundry soap in your luggage.  With this on hand you could easily give one of your sweaty workout gear a descent wash in a hotel tub and leave it out to air dry for a day or so.  Here in the UK you can purchase a tube of travel wash but if you don’t have that luxury available to you or if you have certain allergies, you can pour your own laundry soap into a travel size pour top bottle.  If you are making your own bottle of travel wash, make sure to label it clearly so you don’t end up trying to lather your hair or moisturising your skin with it!

Now let’s talk carry on luggage.  What you put into your carry on luggage is crucial, especially if you are embarking on a long flight or an international flight.  With long hauls and international flights there is a lot of time spent with not too many healthy options.  Some airports these days have a wide selection of foods on offer but typically at most airports it’s fast food or candy.  While its okay to indulge every now again in order to maintain a balanced diet/lifestyle and stay sane, your best bet is to be prepared.  I like to keep a small batch of homemade trail mix in my purse or carry on at all times.  This comes in very hand especially if you’re hungry and you’re no where near to meal time.  I also like to pack some veggie sticks or fresh fruit into a lunch box if I have either that needs to be eaten before I leave, in order not to waste.  I also like to keep my own headphones in my carry on, should incase there is a noise passenger on the plane or train with you.  I make sure that I have a book to read or a colouring book and my colour pencils.  It’s really important for me to have one or both because being healthy also includes mental health and these items help keep my head balanced.  Packing a water bottle is key to ensuring you stay hydrated and nearly anywhere you travel to you can fill it with drinking water and can avoid paying for overpriced bottled water.  A final and recent item I’ve added to my must have’s for my carry on back is a small spray bottle of a face freshener. I have started making this as a setting agent for make up and also to spritz on my face after a long trip to feel rejuvenated.  For this I combine rose water, glycerine, tea tree oil, and peppermint oil.  I’ve experimented with a few different combinations and this has been my favourite thus far.  I will post my recipe for you all in the next coming weeks.

Once you know your destination, you’ve found the perfect place to stay and your bags are packed, take the time to formulate a game plan.  It may seem a bit daunting but it’s as simple as dedicating 30 mins out of each day to your fitness lifestyle.  I like to travel with my iPad not only because I have a few ebooks and my music library on it but also because I can access my fit girls ebooks on it as well.  I love these books because there are a plethora of workout routines and some recipes that are simple to recreate while you’re on holiday.  Also because I have been following them for a year and a half now, I just tend to continue doing my normal routine as much as possible while traveling.  If you’re staying in a hotel with a gym, learn the hours of the gym and make a plan to get up 45 minutes early every morning to get your workout in and take a quick shower, ready for the day.

As I said this may all seem a bit overwhelming but if you’re committed to getting and staying in shape, after a few minor adjustments it will become second nature.  The best part of all of is that you can enjoy your vacation and come home without the slightest bit of guilt or regret!  Happy traveling 🌎💕

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