Easy Weekend Art Project

Well Spring has officially arrived, although if you stepped outside you probably wouldn’t realise it!  It’s still slightly chilly here in England and I’ve noticed that most of the north east of America has received a fresh blanket of snow, yikes.  Regardless of the weather it’s still that time of year for deep cleaning, re-assesing your wardrobe and purging, well in our house it is anyhow.

Last week I had a mini shopping spree, where I bought a few spring/summer staples for our upcoming travels.  We are headed back to San Francisco, the place where it all began💕, in just a month and then we fly not to New York/New Jersey for a week of work.  After all of that I head to Florida to sort out my UK Visa, during the height of summer. ☀️🔥 I needed some current pieces that could be dressed up, dressed down, layered and the such for all the different climates I will be experiencing.  Once I made my purchases I decided it was time to go through all of my clothes, try them on, and get rid of the bits that no longer fit or that I haven’t worn in the last year.

I successfully filled an entire garbage bag with things that I no longer wanted to keep and could donate to someone who could really use them. 👍🏾 In doing such I had a couple articles of clothes that were old, faded, and that I loved dearly, couldn’t bear the thought of parting with them.  Then it hit me.  We have lived in this house for nearly two years but have yet to fill the walls with any art because we have a hard time agreeing on art, it’s one of the few things that we don’t see eye to eye on.  I showed the articles of clothing to my darling and told him my plan to cut them up and use the feature image on each item as a piece of framed art.  Surprisingly he agreed!  We already had one frame that we purchased a few months back, that would work for one of the items and for the other I picked up a couple of cheap black frames from Tiger.  If you happen to live in the UK or Europe and you’ve been to a Tiger store, you know the magic that is at your fingertips upon entering the store.  This is one of my favourite stores to just wander thru when I am in a creative funk because there is always something there that will inspire or can be used for any kind project.  They sell everything from kitchen gadgets, bathroom accessories, fitness gear, arts & crafts supplies, trinkets, and seasonal goodies.  I also purchased my pots and gardening tools from Tiger, for my windowsill herbs!  But I digress…

For the framed art its realIMG_2659ly quite simple and it takes only a few moments to complete.  All you need is the desired article of clothing you will be using, fabric scissors (I have a pair that I ONLY use on fabric, my darling thinks I’m crazy but trust me, it’s a necessity!), a picture frame(s) and 10-15 minutes depending on how many frames you will be filling.  I used the frame that I had intended on filling to cut out the image on the article of clothes.  If it’s an old wrinkly t-shirt, like mine was, it couldn’t IMG_2662hurt to press the piece of fabric before framing!


All you need to do next is line up the fabric within the frame, make sure it’s spaced evenly or however you like, and trim the excess.   It’s just that simple, and it’s a fabulous way of admiring something you would’ve thrown out or have outgrown!  It also adds a personal touch to your art and it makes it more of an original art piece.   Happy framing!  IMG_2671IMG_2664

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